The concept featured here was produced during my time at Tribe. The illustrations are by Joanne Glover.
A home energy services business had separated from its parent company and wanted to establish its own brand. The new company asked Tribe to produce a brand awareness campaign that would also advertise its main service-based products in the run-up to winter. The business prides itself on being an expert in home care. It operates with the simple premise that prevention is better than an often costly cure when it comes to maintaining home electrics, plumbing, central heating and boiler care.
With this in mind, I started to consider the inner workings of a home. Our electricity, central heating and boilers run in the background to help us maintain a comfortable home life. It means we can relax in front of the telly, read a book on a dark winter’s evening, cook a hot meal or take a warm shower without consideration. Most people don’t give thought to these inner workings until they experience a power cut, or there’s unexpectedly no hot water.
While exploring this idea of what a modern home provides for us, and how best to care for it in return, my research drew me to some fascinating ways that animals have evolved in order to live in challenging environments. The relevance for this project is that these creatures have become experts at living and thriving in their ecosystem.
I began to visualise a campaign that highlighted these captivating creatures’ abilities and liken the specialist, evolutionary traits to the expertise that home energy services engineers develop. And so, The Evolution of an Expert campaign began to take shape.
The company’s engineers, over time, have evolved to become experts in their field, much like creatures in our natural world. Creatures like the wood frog. The wood frog can sense the changing seasons. In order to survive, as winter approaches this little frog enters a state of cryostasis and actually allows its own body to freeze with the cold weather. As spring rolls around, the wood frog slowly thaws out and reanimates with the warmer weather. Our central heating pipes require a little care and attention from time-to-time in order to function effortlessly, as the frog, during the colder months. Home energy services engineers can provide that care and attention to keep people warm throughout winter.
The campaign highlighted the company’s position as home energy care experts and provided a unique, engaging way of conveying the importance of their service-offering to potential customers.
To add visual substance a natural history illustrator was commissioned to bring the selected creatures to life. Anatomically correct drawings, reminiscent of early 19th century expedition journals, remain true to the underlying theme of evolution and instil sincerity.
Working closely with a copywriter, key messages were developed for the selected creatures that related to particular service products being advertised in the run-up to winter.
Initially the campaign was to roll-out across the company’s website and as a suite of animated web banners. But the principle concept had scope to be adapted to encompass outdoor and TV advertisements.
Unfortunately the campaign, despite receiving extremely positive feedback from the client, did not move forward due to a competitor buying the business, which resulted in Tribe’s collaboration with the client ending.
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